Warrior of the Week: Dorcas Nung-Blake

Meet Dorcas Nung-Blake, Flux’s Warrior of the week!  Whether in studio, working in private practice, or at home baking amazing breads, it’s hard to miss her beautiful smile and calming energy!   

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place?

I have been practicing at Flux since February 2018. My first class was actually the teacher training graduation. Kelly invited me. I knew I belonged here when I heard their bios and stories of transformation. It was exciting and inspiring to see them teach and be celebrated for all their hard work. All of that made me want to come back.

How has your practiced evolved and /or what benefits have you gotten in your practice and in your life?

I started out looking around a lot and just trying to keep up. I’ve always been athletic, but this was pretty intense – and hot! As my practice evolved, it became less about keeping up. It turned into me being on my own journey in the company of like-minded souls, a moving meditation where I could just be present to myself both in mind and body. Also, I know this probably sounds weird but I never really knew that I had feet before practicing regularly. I think in a lot of ways, I was just floating along in my life. Now, through my practice, through my body – and especially my feet, I have become grounded, integrated, and whole.

Favorite pose and why?

Crescent Lunge. This has consistently been one of the hardest poses for me. There was a time where whenever the teacher called out the pose, I would let out a groan in my head. I felt so unstable and wobbly and would sometimes just fall over. But, over time, it’s evolved for me. This is a pose where you have to engage all the muscles in your body and just bring it. You can’t not give this pose one-hundred percent, and that’s why I love it. It’s the same way I want to live my life.

Any advice for new yogis?

My advice for new yogis would be to stop looking around and questioning if you’re doing the poses the “right” way. Wobble, shake, be in your body and pay attention to every moment-to-moment sensation. Your body has infinite wisdom – it’ll tell you where you need to be.