Warrior of the Week: Katie Stanford

Contagious smiles and killer handstands are second nature to Katie! Her yogi spirit is both dedicated and playful, maintaining a balance of effort and ease that we could all use a little more of. That’s why Katie is Flux Power Yoga’s Warrior of the Week!

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place?

I’ve been at Flux since July 2017.  I was hooked as I quickly learned that the style offered an efficient and reliable way for me to meet many of my physical and mental health needs.

How has your practiced evolved and /or what benefits have you gotten in your practice and in your life?

I have benefited greatly.  I feel stronger, sharper and calmer with a consistent, strong yoga practice.  All of these benefits help me in my parenting, work, life, and creativity.

Favorite pose and why?

Savasana is my favorite pose as it is the culmination of full practice that wrings me out, loosening me up, strengthens me physically and mentally, and leaves me feeling joyful as I rest and recover.  Handstands are next – because yoga is my recess and handstands are FUN!

Any advice for new yogis?

Listen to your own body.  Every day and every practice is different.  Consider approaching each practice with an intention to feel more energized and content when you leave the room than when you entered.  With that in mind, it doesn’t matter what the teacher calls or what your neighbor is up to.  Your practice is for yourself.

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