Warrior of the Week: April Sorensen

April has been with us at Flux since before the beginning. Thank you for following me here and supporting the crowdfunding campaign that help to open our doors! Forever grateful and you are always a joy to have.

April is a kindergarten teacher and her online kindergarten students are so lucky to have her because her energy beams no matter where she goes. When not doing yoga at Flux, April enjoys a fun home practice with her daughter, Olive!

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place?

I have been coming to Flux since June of 2017. I knew this was my
place right when I walked in the door. The community at Flux is so
welcoming and uplifting. I appreciate the fun music and the empowering
words and skills that each teacher has to offer. I look forward to
waking up each morning to my cup of coffee and my yoga community.

How has your practiced evolved and /or what benefits have you gotten in your practice and in your life?

My practice has evolved in so many different ways over the last two
years, it is hard to put it all into one succinct paragraph. I have
learned not to rush the process and to really view my yoga as a
journey not a destination. Every morning, I look forward to getting on
my mat and to tuning into my breath and my body. I look forward to
sweating and getting my butt kicked. My practice has taught me that I
can do hard things. That my breath is always there to guide me through
the difficult moments and that nothing beats the feeling you get when
you give your neighbor that sweaty high five at the end of class. So
much of my day is focused on taking care of others. It feels so good
to have that time for myself. I am a better teacher, mom and friend
because of my practice. 

Favorite pose and why?

My favorite pose is crow pose because it requires a mix of
strength,focus and balance. It is also a humbling reminder of what
yoga is for me because it is different every day. Some days I can get
right into the pose and hold it for three full counts and other days,
I can’t even get my knees on my upper arms. Each day, I work from
where I am. It is a great lesson in letting go.

Any advice for new yogis?

My advice to new yogis is to stay curious. I think we can take
ourselves so seriously in yoga sometimes that we forget this part.
Remember to settle into your breath and let your body be your guide.

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