Warrior of the Week: Val Thompson

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place?

Since the studio opened in June of 2017.  After taking almost 10 years off of yoga, I was ready to get back to a regular practice. I was intrigued by the new studio, it’s positive vibe, and the name Flux resonated with me. Not going to lie here, but that first class I took was hard. It was also fun, challenging, and soulful. I left the studio sweaty, worked over, and hooked! Flux has created an amazing yoga community!

How has your practice evolved and /or what benefits have you gotten in your practice and in your life?

Yoga helps make the other things I do better, both physically and mentally. I walked into my first class with a long list of poses that I thought I would never do because of previous injuries. Over the last two years, I have chipped away at that list and a lot of my self-limiting beliefs.

 Favorite pose and why?

Oh, so many favorites…crow, headstand, dancer, half-moon, boat. I love poses that require strength, balance, and focus, which is most of the Baptiste sequence!

Any advice for new yogis?

Come as you are, embrace the sweat, and remember that the benefits of this practice are worth the effort!  

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