Warrior of the Week: Carl Jensen

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place?

I’ve been practicing at flux since January of this year.    I knew Flux was my place after I found myself at an extremely transitional time in my life full of change.  I was looking for positive ways to enable me to navigate my way into being a better, stronger and healthier person,  both physically, mentally and spiritually.  My wonderful friend Morgan insisted I give Baptiste Yoga a whirl and within a very short period of time after coming to Flux, I knew this is what I wanted to do to help me on my journey.  The wonderful sense of community, support, kindness and knowledge has kept me coming back for more.  Prior to Flux, I did very little to intentionally better myself on any level, but after my time here, I continuously look for more ways at every opportunity!   I haven’t looked back since and am very grateful for what it’s brought into my life!

How has your practice evolved and /or what benefits have you gotten in your practice and in your life?

My practice has evolved tremendously since coming to Flux especially since I’m a “newer” yoga practitioner.  When I began, everything was a struggle and a few poses seemed virtually impossible, but after consistent practice, perseverance and fantastic teachers, it’s become so much more fluid and natural.I had significant lower back pain for many years that is essentially completely gone now, thanks to my yoga practice. More than anything, what I’ve learned is how to breathe!  In the midst of my daily life, many times I find myself using my ujjayi to help me regain focus and clarity.  I also find myself taking a deep breathe with an audible release of “aahhhhhh”!  It all feels sooooo good!!!!!

 Favorite pose and why?

I think Wheel is my favorite pose, particularly with a really long hold time.  I love the intensity of trying to hold it for a period of time because it seems like it shouldn’t be that challenging, but my body says otherwise.  

Any advice for new yogis?

My advice to any new yogi would be to persevere!  As difficult as things may seem, continue working on it,  knowing that there is no wrong, so long as you persevere, look forward and keep showing up!


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