Warrior of the Week: Sarah Kaiser

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place?

I’ve been practicing yoga at Flux for a little over two years. I saw that there was a new yoga place in Fairhaven and kept wanting to give it a try. I had let yoga go by the wayside for over ten years, doing Barre classes and running, but was experiencing lower back pain and arthritis in my wrists. My wrists had gotten so bad that I couldn’t do a plank with my hands flat. I finally came in for the two week trial, and was instantly reminded of all that I had been missing. It took a few months before I could fully use my wrists again but slowly the pain I had been experiencing went away. This was miraculous to me! Since then, Flux has been my daily source for physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I love the family feeling as soon as you walk in the doors and the teachers are welcoming and so knowledgeable.

How has your practice evolved and /or what benefits have you gotten in your practice and in your life?

Years ago, I did an Ashtanga yoga class and it was all about what poses I could do and if I could keep up with the class. I was obsessed with pushing myself regardless of injury or pain. Needless to say, this wasn’t sustainable or healthy. My childhood sport of gymnastics was also ingrained in my mind. I had a lot of negative self talk, and judgement about myself. Since starting at Flux, the weekly themes have resonated with me. I have learned to listen to my body and mind. To take it easy on days when that is what I need and to push when I feel strong and wanting more. I love that the teachings of yoga relate to our daily lives in so many ways. Yoga has helped me to listen to my inner voice, to breath and meditate on things before reacting, and to be mindful as I go about my day.

Favorite pose and why?

I love a lot of the poses! Crow and dancer are my favorites. Dancer because it requires balance, strength, and flexibility. When I find the proper push and pull along with a grounding down of my supporting leg, I feel a lightness and grace in the pose. I like Crow because it feels fun and goofy!

Any advice for new yogis?

Yoga can be whatever you want it to be. If you show up on your mat and do child’s pose for the whole hour, that’s great, it’s what you needed. Keep showing up and you will feel the benefits in your mind, body and soul. And remember to be kind to yourself!


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