Welcome to our Dream Team, Morgan Herkert!

Hola, bonjour, what’s up, I’m Morgan and I am THRILLED to be joining the Flux team.  I recently completed my teacher training and mentorship program through Flux Power Yoga Academy and I can honestly say that I have found my home/ community / TRIBE!  I knew instantly after my first few classes at Flux that I was onto becoming something much bigger than I had ever dreamed of and now here I am, an official teacher at Flux!!!  I AM BEYOND EXCITED to share with our community my passion for yoga.  I look forward to bringing fun, challenging classes that allow you to feel my passion for the practice, love of music and directing each yogi into their most authentic path.

I will be participating in Baptiste level 1 training in Ojai California this fall of 2019 as well as joining our tribe to Nicaragua for our much anticipated retreat in Feb 2020.  I am open to any feedback, conversation, friendship, hugs and authentically being someone to just be there if need be.   Thank you for the opportunity to represent and contribute to this amazing establishment.  – Much love and light, Morgan