Heather Keitz


Heather is a certified ERYT 200 yoga instructor, working towards her ERYT 500. She was introduced to yoga in 2011 as a way to help with an injury, but quickly fell in love and has been practicing ever since.

Heather’s classes offer creative sequencing and intentional postures to foster challenge and support both body and mind. She uses breath-to-movement to draw flow state and encourage you to be present in the moment as it is. Heather is passionate about making a connection with breath and body through movement to encourage stability and inner awareness for her practitioners. She holds space to explore that balance between effort and ease, to help you cultivate your own yoga journey.

Heather’s energetic sequencing and funky playlists offer bright Vinyasa flows; while her softness, open heart and mindful yin sequencing offer regenerative grounding and self connection in restorative classes.