Hanuman Hudson

Hanuman began practicing Yoga at 14 and has been continuously learning on his mat ever since. Drawing on almost 15 years of personal practice in various schools of yoga and meditation, Hanuman teaches from a place of personal experience. He strongly believes that a teacher is a student first and can only take others where they themselves have been. He began to truly understand the value of yoga his senior year of high school. Attributing a significant portion of his success in athletics to his yoga practice, this growth helped him to earn a Track and Field Scholarship and attend college. He continues to experience the value of the practice throughout his life, finding grounding and healing on the mat when he needs it most.


Hanuman built his foundation of knowledge in the Classical Yoga lineage of Swami Sivananda. After spending 2 months in sunrise to sunset study and practice, he was officially initiated into this lineage of teachers when he received his formal Yoga Certification. Soon after, he began Mentoring with his teacher and mentor Melissa Longfellow at Flux Power Yoga. Preparing to serve the Flux community, under her guidance, through learning the principles of Baptiste Yoga and the Journey Into Power sequence.


Combining the ancient philosophy of his lineage with the dynamic practice of Power Vinyasa, he will guide you through a practice that will be physically challenging and spiritually informed, leaving you with lessons learned on the mat and lessons to take with you off the mat. Hanuman’s primary purpose is to serve the students in his class and his community through these teachings, he believes that doing this can make a positive difference in ourselves and by extension our communities. 


Hanuman learned the value of practice from yoga and applies that lesson to his life off the mat. He can be found practicing his violin, Mongolian throat singing, and various other styles of movement art and physical practices. Forever a student, he is continuously seeking knowledge in healing arts and movement coaching.