Bethany Lauren


I found yoga during a challenging time when I needed clarity – and fell in love with it as my continuous practice brought a sense of grounding to my life that I had long been seeking. It was that love of this practice that led to the desire to teach.

In yoga there is the concept of Sthira Sukha, which is the balance of strength, stability, and steadiness with softness, gentleness, and rest. Baptiste Power Yoga offers me that personal challenge of working to my edge, while also learning when to integrate care and ease. I am on a continuous journey to learn how to find that balance in my own personal life.

In my class, I seek to hold space for students to find the same. To generate playfulness, presence, power, and ease. To inspire and connect. To see you and offer tools to elevate your practice. To shift you from thinking to sensing, from head to heart.

When I am not teaching or on the mat, you will find me spending time with friends and my sons, hiking, longboarding, or curled up with a book and a cup of tea.