Trainee Testimonials

“Power Yoga Academy offers a meaningful, thoughtful program which builds a strong foundation while igniting desire for a lifetime of inquiry and studies. A carefully curated program with balanced offerings and opportunities to wonder. A beautiful, well-rounded experience.” – Brooke Wertz, Bellingham WA
“If I were to do the training again. I would without question do so through Power Yoga Academy. I was challenged, held accountable and encouraged to step out side my comfort zone. Was it easy? No. But there isn’t a minute of it I would change. Melissa and Julie are knowledgeable, patient, and very real. I learned so much both on and off my mat; and much to my own surprise walked away feeling more confident as a student of yoga, a teacher and an individual then I was expecting. Melissa, Julie, I hope to one day impact others as greatly as you both did me. Thank you so much.– Bethany Sanderson, RYT-200 Bellingham WA
“Power Yoga Academy provides a quality, in depth program that creates the opportunity to have a transformative experience through yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry. The combination gave me the skills and confidence to share that with others, and pure excitement about leading yoga classes. I would recommend this program to anyone with an interest in yoga and commitment to be more than they ever thought possible!
-Taylor Mohr, RYT-200  Bellingham, WA
“I am still feeling so grateful for the time we spent together and your commitment to all of us and the training. I am sincere in that it was truly a life-changing experience for me! I’m definitely a work in progress, but I feel so much better equipped with the tools you so generously shared with us, that I am walking down a much different path today than I had been just a few weeks ago. Everyone around me is noticing the difference. Thank you for making a difference in my life! You are an amazing woman!”
-Loree, Redondo Beach, CA 2016

Power Yoga Academy initiated me into the world of teaching yoga in a way the was both magical and unexpected. After having experienced other teacher trainings since then I have come to realize that what Melissa will teach you is completely unique and powerful, as the teachings touch on a very unique element of teaching and inspiring power within others. Know that this is merely the beginning and if you learn to follow in with the same level of integrity that Melissa guides you into, you will greatly excel in any other movement training programs that you may take in the future. This Teacher Training is more than a method for teaching students about yoga, it’s a method for getting onto yourself about your underlying habits and seeking out the changes that your heart and body are calling you to act upon.”
-Simon Marks-Franks, RYT 200 Anacortes, WA

“I signed up for teacher training with hopes of deepening my already existing knowledge. I came away with so much more. I felt empowered to step out of my comfort zone and fully connected to a wonderful group of fellow trainees. I entered unsure if teaching yoga was something I could do or even wanted to do. Now I feel almost obligated to share this gift.Melissa is an amazing and inspiring teacher who shares wholeheartedly. She is invested in each student, challenging each to live authentically and larger than before thought.A yoga teacher training course well worth your time, energy, and money. You will leave with a different person than you came in. If you’re even slightly tempted… it!!”
-Beth Rusk, RYT 200, Bellingham WA

“My experience was above and beyond what I expected when I registered. I feel appropriately prepared to start my teaching career in the yoga industry and have a new understanding and outlook on yoga.”
-Heather Grieg, RYT 200, Bellingham WA

“Attending Power Yoga Academy was one of the best decisions of my life. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable, clear, and a warm, loving teacher. She challenged me to learn and grow and to find my power within. Thanks to Power Yoga Academy I will live my life being up to something bigger than myself and though this understanding I am able to empower others. Thank you, Power Yoga Academy and Melissa Longfellow~ you are truly inspiring- the world is a better place because of you!”
-Jennifer Fairey, RYT 200 Bellingham WA

“I never expected that my life would change in so many ways for the better after going through teacher training with Power Yoga Academy. Melissa Longfellow truly cares about her students and instills in each person the power to spread yoga and all of its teachings both on and off the mat. Melissa showed each of us how to find the light within us, and how to use this light to guide others and better the planet through the love of yoga. I will forever be changed, empowered, and grateful for this training and for Melissa Longfellow.”
-Ashley Bratt, RYT 200 Bellingham WA

“Power Yoga Academy truly prepared me to teach yoga, as well as be a leader in my community, and left me with the tools to be in constant growth and inquiry around my personal practice and teaching. Graduation was only the beginning, and yet I feel exceptionally ready and qualified to teach. Even while still in training, trainees were given the opportunity to teach at a local high-volume studio, and from these classes I have received feedback from students that it appeared to them that I’d been teaching for years. I fully attribute this to PYA’s challenging and effective curriculum. It is an intensely rigorous program, and Melissa is extremely supportive every step of the way. She held space for not only my growth as a yoga teacher and practitioner, but also for me as a whole, integrated person. I felt her love and support at all times, even when being challenged or receiving feedback. PYA changed my life for the better, and I feel extremely fortunate to have studied under Melissa’s world-class instruction as well as the other amazing faculty members. I would absolutely recommend this program without hesitation.”
-Mallory Langen, RYT 200 Bellingham WA

“Ever wondered what you were truly capable of? Does your doubt or fear hold you back? Do you know deep down that you are meant for something greater and cannot quite put your finger on it? I did and for these reasons along with my love for yoga and desire to dive deeply into my practice and learn the depths of yoga, I took the Power Yoga Academy Teacher Training, and it didn’t change me, it gave me the strength to be my true self, and the power to show others that we are all great. My life will never be the same.
The training is so much more than learning yoga and learning how to teach yoga, which you will do and by incredible teachers and mentors, it is about peeling away layers and layers of “holding you backs” and “fear” and “what ifs” that you did not even realize were there and discovering your truth and unimaginable strength both physically and mentally that has been asking to come alive. Melissa Longfellow is truly changing the world and she is empowering others that we all hold this ability within us we need only to take a chance and commit. I took the challenge and walked away in my truth with an entirely new perspective on life and on yoga.”
-Sarita Cantu, RYT 200 Bellingham WA

“This experience was more than just a teacher training for me. While I learned so much valuable information for teaching, I also learned a lot about myself. It was such a transformative ,eye-opening time and I’ve grown in ways I didn’t think possible, both as a yoga teacher and a human being. I couldn’t have asked for better, more thorough training, or better teachers. I was taught in a kind way, not a nice way. I was made to actually think about what I say and do as I teach, and I wasn’t coddled. I appreciate my training more than I can possibly put into words. If you want a training that prepares you to teach but also makes you look deep into yourself and grow, I assure you it’ll happen here.
-Laura Orso, RYT 200 Bellingham WA

“Melissa’s outstanding teaching skills are matched by her love and compassion for people.  Melissa’s passion for yoga is contagious. I had several breakthroughs regarding the physical practice of yoga and she offered insight on how those breakthroughs can and are weaved in to all areas of life. I was empowered and left with the renewed belief in possibilities. I highly recommend working with Melissa.
– Julie Finley, E-RYT 200, Bellingham, WA

“It was an honor and a privilege to go through this training with you. I feel transformed and eternally grateful for this experience.”
-Ericka Bakkom, RYT 200, Anacortes, WA

“Thank you for being a strong, powerful, loving force for me and so many others. This training has challenged me as nothing else ever has, opened me way up. I’m so grateful this opportunity came up right when I wanted it.”
-Liza Higbee-Robinson, RYT 200, Tacoma, WA

“Thank you so very much for everything in this training. I have had every emotion these past 4 months. I am starting a new journey in my life that I never thought possible. You have given me tools and confidence and cracked my egg so I can be a genuine, loving, caring person. Along this journey I also found a love for myself.”
-Brad Oppedal, RYT 200, Bellingham, WA

“You changed my life, or as you would say you helped me change it. You brought me from my lowest to my highest. I may be on the other side of the world but you will be in my heart.”
-Lorenzo Perego, RYT 200, Brunico, Italy

“Thank you for all that you have given – this has changed my life in so many amazing ways! Thank you!
– Amy Brinkley, RYT 200, Oak Harbor WA

“Tina is very knowledgeable and is able to convey this complex subject with ease, fun and great confidence. Her teaching aids-her own amazing body in the muscle pants and Stanley (a bone man)n- are extremely helpful. There is a lot of hands-on involvement of the students, which helps a lot in understanding and also makes it fun. Because Tina is not only a very skilled massage therapist but also an awesome yoga teacher she is able to apply anatomy to yoga in an amazing way. It has helped me tremendously not only for my own yoga practice and other physical activities but also on my journey to hopefully become a great yoga teacher. Everything makes way more sense now! This course is totally worth taking and I would attend again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much,  Tina, you are awesome..!”
– Elfie, Seattle, WA

“For those who are interesting in furthering their own practice of yoga, as well as to develop an effective techniques for teaching and safely practicing yoga, Tina’s workshop should not be missed. Her clear and concise manner of presenting the subject to students made the workshop an exceptionally enjoyable and powerful  experience for anyone seeking to gain an understanding of human anatomy for practitioners of yoga. Tina introduces the subject for all levels of practicing yogis in an interesting, compassionate and an engaging manner.  I highly recommend anyone who is interesting in furthering their own practice and understanding of the mechanics of yoga to consider attending her workshops.”
– Dr. R. Thomas Libby
GeneQuest Diagnostics, Neurogenetics & Neurotherapeutics and University of Washington School of Medicine
Seattle, WA

“I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Melissa Longfellow and highly recommend!! It was a life-changing experience!”
– Noelle Hoth, Italy