Nicaragua Yoga + Surf Retreat

Registration now OPEN for 2023!

February 18-25, 2023

Time for a sacred pause from your hectic year… to enjoy a nourishing escape of pamper and play…

Reserve your spot now by making a deposit of $500. We have limited spots and LOTS of interest so your deposit will make sure you get a spot, we want you there with us!

Step out onto the soft sugary sand, you feel the grounding energy of the earth and the lap of warm tropical water energize your achy feet. Your toes grip deeper into the sand and you connect to this nurturing energy. It spirals up your body, warming your spirit and awakening your senses. Your heart opens wide!

You love the moist Pacific breeze quenching your thirsty skin. Staring out into the beautiful sea, you are spellbound… azure waters ease the tension around your eyes.

You are now unplugged. 

Asanas to the soundtrack of tropical birds and ocean waves flood you with peace and pleasure. Walking under a stunning canopy of tropical trees, rays of sunlight caress your face. Get your first ride on a surfboard, feel like freedom of the ocean gliding you along the wave… pure magic.

Immersed in lush, vibrant nature, you begin to reconnect to your roots. The sea, the sun, the sky, a sense of magic abounds. On a trek through the jungle, you discover a monkey, a sloth, a turtle sanctuary… a waterfall… Your heart beats wildly as you you dive in….

Welcome. You’ve arrived at the sweet spot of life. This is a fork between relaxation and adventure. A place of curiosity and joy. 

It’s when you’re lost in this way, that you begin to find yourself.

Mornings of yoga and meditation, surf lessons with our expert instructors or leisurely strolls along uncrowded natural beaches. Afternoons free for enjoying a massage, a well-earned snooze in a hammock, a walk on the beach with friends, a paddle down the calm estuary or an all out adventure with a group of like-minded individuals who totally get you. 

How refreshing to feel completely supported on this journey of community, adventure and self-care.

This is exactly where you need to be. You’ve made the right decision to honor yourself, devoting the time to practice self-care rituals that nourish and revitalize you physically and mentally.

By the end of this journey…

you will have reset, recharged and rediscovered yourself – including your fears, hidden dreams and desires. Exciting adventures, new friendships and lifelong memories leave you feeling refreshed and inspired to live your life with joy and confidence. By immersing yourself in spectacular natural surroundings, incorporating rejuvenating rituals for beauty and balance, you return to your deepest, truest vitality. 

You go home  more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been, you’ve claimed a sense of inner peace – providing you with a wellspring of energy and strength for the year. 

The Magic of Nicaragua

Located in the Southern West Coast of Nicaragua, Playa Escameca is known for its raw natural beauty and unmistakable magnetic energy. A natural playground. Retreat to nature, the jungle, and the beach. Our retreat home will be an Ecolodge and Yoga Retreat Center and turtle sanctuary on the southern pacific coast of Nicaragua. Spread across a jungle hill rising up from the from the beach, it is the perfect place to reconnect to yourself and your surroundings.

You will get lost in the beauty surrounding Playa Escameca, through swimming, surfing, Standup Paddle Boarding, hiking, horseback riding and exploring. The down to earth vibe is like no other. What makes this rustically charming beach extremely unique is the conscious respect and synergy it’s developed with it’s natural surroundings and community. The eco-friendly lodge is powered by sustainable energy sources and community service is built in to our visit. It truly is a yoga karma practice. Costa Dulce is the perfect sanctuary to host our journey. This rustic eco-boutique resort all about beauty, nature and breathtaking beaches. A tranquil setting that embodies community, yet space to relax – like on the hammock patio in every casita, where the jungle and ocean stretches for as far as the eyes can see. Perfect for stargazing, sun rises, sunsets or soaking up some sun.

Costa Dulce integrates with the surrounding environment and has become one of the premier wellness centers in Nicaragua. They are committed to a grass-roots approach to ecotourism and a more sustainable future through improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the surrounding communities. 

All rooms are light, airy & beautifully simple, styled by the natural habitat surrounding us. Complete with fresh flowers and purified water… you’ll find your room provides the perfect setting for relaxing and sleeping. Featuring extraordinary views of jungle, ocean, and tropical gardens, each beach-bungalow, has it’s own private patio and is just steps away from the warm water of the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful yoga and surf-centered retreat location, they’ve built a reputation based on friendly hospitality, attention to detail and adapting to the needs of the growing yoga community. 

Talented local chefs, allow you to enjoy well-deserved break from cooking or figuring out your next meal. Known for delicious and health conscious locally sourced, farm-to-table organic menu that has always emphasized fresh, local ingredients. You will get to experience the benefits of what a truly healthy diet can bring into your life. You will be nourished starting early each morning with a 5:00 am “pre-breakfast” of fresh fruits, juices and teas to fuel your morning yoga or surf session.

This journey is TOTALLY for you if…

  • You need a break from the busy-ness of your daily life. 
  • You are needing time for yourself.
  • You crave time and space to rest and rejuvenate.
  • You long to feel in-sync with natural seasons, rhythms, and cycles.
  • You yearn for deeper connection with yourself and/or others.
  • You desire a mental and physical detox.
  • You want to tone and shape your body and clear your mind.
  • You are ready to blaze your own trail and live life boldly!
  • You’re ready for a new adventure… 

Choose the perfect accommodations for you…

Reserve your spot now by making a deposit of $500. We have limited spots and LOTS of interest so your deposit will make sure you get a spot, we want you there with us!

Large Casita (3 BR)


1 spots left! Large free-standing bungalow, 3 bedrooms: 2 single beds, 1 double bed + 2 bathrooms and common area. Ideal for 3 friends or solo travelers. Stunning views, balcony & hammocks! (Price is per person, $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot)

Ocean View Casita (double #1) SOLD OUT


Ocean view free-standing Casita with private bath. 1 King or 2 Single Beds. Ideal for 1 couple or 2 friends or solo travelers. (Price is per person, $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot)

Ocean View Casita (double #2) SOLD OUT


Ocean view free-standing casita with private bath, 2 double beds. Ideal for 2 friends or solo travelers. (Price is per person, $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot)

Jungle View Casita (single) SOLD OUT


Free-standing casita with private bath, 1 queen bed. Ideal for a solo traveler wanting privacy. Jungle view.

Ocean View Casita (single) SOLD OUT


Ocean view free-standing Casita with private bath, 1 queen bed. Ideal for a solo traveler wanting privacy. (Price is per person, $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot)

Casa Horizon DELUXE Villa (double)


Ocean view, large DELUXE Villa, 1 king, 1 queen bed. Ideal for 1 couple or 2 friends who would like to enjoy a luxury house + kitchen and sweeping panoramic ocean views, large deck and hammocks. (Price is per person, $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot)

What’s Included:

  • 6 Days and 7 nights (you choose-single, double or triple occupancy)
  • Transportation to and from the Managua airport
  • 4 fresh meals each day
  • Daily Yoga Classes: Morning flow + workshop and evening Yin.
  • Daily Meditation
  • Use of premium yoga mats & props
  • 1 60-minute massage
  • 1 Surf lesson
  • Daily Surfboard, Boogie board, Standup Paddle board use all week
  • Guided jungle walk
  • Sweat Lodge (“Temazcal”)
  • Day trip to San Juan del Sur
  • Turtle Sanctuary baby turtle presentation
  • Beachfront bonfire

What’s Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare
  • Alcoholic beverages (can be purchased separately).
  • Off-site meals  
  • Extra spa services, extra excursions (horseback riding)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Our Journey: 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss this Retreat

  • Experience Flux Power Yoga Tropical style, right on the beach! Flux Power  yoga classes, meditation and workshops exclusively curated for you. 
  • A fresh foodie paradise, daily fresh chef prepared meals, incredibly authentic Nicaraguan cuisine. 
  • A built-in service trip you will participate at the Turtle Sanctuary.
  • Our local guide will lead us on a jungle walk to discover a beautiful hidden waterfall where we can take a dip, or just relax and enjoy the setting. 
  • We’ve intentionally carved out time and space for extra pampering. Enjoy massage at the amazing open-air spa.
  • The opportunity to try a new adventure learning to surf from the best local instructors with plenty of one-on-one attention you will be catching your first wave in no time. 

The Lasting Impact: Self-care and selfless service. 
It’s a revolutionary act… a road back to yourself. 

The real essence of service (the true meaning of “Karma”) is being true to who you are. It’s about giving of yourself from a place of generosity, love and connection rather than guilt and obligation. 

Whether you’re running your own business or a household (or both) and need a break from your daily grind, or can feel you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough, this retreat is for you. 

You’ll practice letting-go, and releasing negative emotions that hinder your personal flourishing. Trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone.

We guarantee that when you take time for yourself, to reflect and re-discover, you will become more powerful, productive and effective to take on more. Your life will be changed forever.

Invest in yourself and join us on a journey of supreme self-care, connection, absolute enjoyment and personal progress like you’ve never experienced before.

Is this retreat right for me?
This retreat is perfect for solo travelers, friends or couples looking to experience something beyond just going on vacation. 

Keep it Casual or Go Deep.
This retreat is the perfect “fusion” of activity and downtime, a harmonious blend of adventure, surf, connection, fun, service, yoga and much-deserved relaxation. 

If you want to connect and challenge your body and mind, ignite positive shifts, and enjoy conversations with a soul tribe that makes you feel a part of something big, this trip is for you.

Reserve your spot now by making a deposit of $500. We have limited spots and LOTS of interest so your deposit will make sure you get a spot, we want you there with us!

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