Kids Yoga

After School Enrichment

We send our fun and skillful teachers to your kids’ school where they can take our yoga through their schools after school enrichment program!

Our kids yoga class is designed to give kids the tools they need to be resilient in body, mind, and being. Through yoga poses and practices they will learn to transform stress into ease, remain calm in challenging situations, and improve body awareness and proprioception.  In this session, students will explore yoga principles through stories, yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, and fun yoga games. Yoga has shown to: build self esteem and self respect, enhance physical flexibility, help kids excel in other physical activities/ sports, refine balance and control, develop focus and concentration, grow friendships, kindness, community, and more.

We are currently offering classes at: Alderwood, Carl Cozier, Columbia, Geneva, Lowell, Roosevelt, Silver Beach, Sunnyland and Wade King. Coming this Spring: Birchwood, Happy Valley and Northern Heights. To find your school, dates and pricing and for registration: