Jonathan’s on Staff Experience at Baptiste Level 2 in Sedona AZ

Last month I was honored to be part of the apprentice (staff) team for Baptiste Level 2 training in Sedona, AZ. Level 2 training is the second of week long intensive trainings that are required to become a certified Baptiste Instructor. These trainings include meditation, physical practice, practice teaching and inquiry sessions during days that go from 7am-11pm. There were 90 participants in the training and about 15 of us on the assisting team. As a member of the staff team I was tasked with assisting the facilitators in the smooth running of the training. We were responsible for ensuring the participants were on time to the sessions, the facilitators and participants had everything that the needed for each session as well as providing physical assists during practice and participating in different portions of the training. We had breakout sessions with members of the assisting team where we worked on specific assists for physical practice and how to be most effective assisting a teacher in class. Some of the most powerful parts of the week were being able to talk with the participants about their experience, helping them stay motivated and grounded in the work they were doing. I learned so much about assisting as well as new ways to empower my teaching and my life. I cannot wait to share what I learned with the community here at Flux!