31-Day Yoga Challenge

All. May. Long. (May 1-31)

At Flux Power Yoga we are celebrating May with YOGA de MAYO!

A 31- Day Yoga Challenge for the month of May designed to kick off your Summer with a lean, energized body and a clear mind! The rules are simple: attend 31 yoga classes in 31 days in May. Your practice is your reward and…


We’re offering a FREE MONTH to anyone who completes at 100%! Oh yeah!

It starts May 1!

Some of you will sign up on the spot. It costs nothing to join the challenge! (pay for your own yoga however you like) Others are on the fence. And a few don’t understand why a 31 Day Yoga Challenge is beneficial in the first place. That’s where this post comes in.

I’m so ready for this!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence… is not an act, but a habit.”


After completing Yoga de Mayo 31 Day Challenge…

…you’ll undergo a physical transformation.  

A regular yoga practice is a fantastic way to get fit. Signing up for the Yoga de Mayo 31 Day Challenge will turn an occasional, when-I-have-time habit into a daily event. By returning to your mat day in and day out, you’ll grow as a yogi, making progress toward poses you thought were impossible. Plus, once the challenge is over, a regular, three times a week yoga practice will seem like a piece of cake.

…you’ll stop saying “I can’t.”

If you think you don’t have time to get to your mat every day, this is the perfect challenge for you. It’ll force you to take a long, hard look at your schedule, abandon your usual excuses, and make time by cutting back on other activities, such as mindless scrolling and binge-watching.

…you won’t be afraid to slow down.

If you think 31 classes in the 31 days of May sounds exhausting, you’re not alone. This challenge is a good reminder that you don’t have to do a hard, sweaty, hot, power FLUX 55 every time you come to the studio. Sometimes you just need an hour to breathe deeply and get centered in MELT class. While a gentle, restorative class might not burn as many calories as a power class, it offers mental and emotional benefits that are just as important.

…you’ll understand your yoga practice is a gift, not a burden.

Maybe you think a 31 Day Yoga Challenge sounds like a total drag. Why add the pressure of a yoga challenge to an already full schedule? Why make yourself feel guilty when you miss a class? Because setting aside one hour a day for something you love, something that keeps you healthy, strong, and sane, isn’t an burden. It’s a gift. All May. Long.

Sign up today and see for yourself what a life changing experience Yoga de Mayo Challenge can be! Starts May 1, ends May 31.

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Official Guidelines:

•Enroll by clicking the enroll button.
•Enrollment into Yoga de Mayo is free. Pay for your yoga classes with your membership or class package. (Buy Membership here)
•Get your own Yoga de Mayo card at the studio, put your name on it!
•Attend 31 yoga classes at Flux Power Yoga in 31 days (max 5 double days).
•Classes must be in-studio (home practice or other studio does not count).
•If you stop attending classes (3 days in a row+) you are automatically out of the challenge.
•You can attend any of our classes at any time including FLUX 55, MELT and POWER SHRED.
•Complete ALL 31 days and get a FREE MONTH Unlimited (must be used by August 31, 2019).
•You could win other weekly prizes drawn randomly!

Yoga de Mayo Starts May 1