Our heated power yoga classes are designed to empower you with the focus, physicalness and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. The classes are available to all levels, ages, physical ability and background. No matter who you are, come just AS YOU ARE… and we will deliver—not just a class— but a whole experience that leaves you feeling physically energized, revitalized and mentally awakened to your full potential, passion and new possibilities in all areas of your life.

FLUX Power Flow 55

A complete power yoga workout…move, breathe, lunge, twist, stretch and of course…. relax. In less than an hour. We will actually teach you something specific – a pose of the week focus –  so you will learn something every single class. Our thoughtful instructors will challenge and inspire you and give you the space to stretch, strengthen, sweat and discover vitality in mind, body and whole being. Only 55 minutes from start to finish , designed to be super convenient for your life. Attend as regularly as you can and you will see and feel a transformation in your body, mind and whole being.


45-minute version of our Flux Power Flow, heated to 98°. Quick and convenient yet no rush: plenty of time for everything, even a nice, relaxing savasana. We will get you in and out, properly Fluxed and back to your busy life feeling happier, more centered and alive than when you arrived. The instruction will be concise and simple, easy to follow with less talking and more space for you to discover and listen to your body. 

FLUX Power Flow Plus

A 75-minute version of the Flux Power Flow that you love. Even more time to linger in the poses, hold until you sweat, experience release of tension and tightness and discover a peace of mind and being like never before.

Slow Flow

Craving a slow pace, yet the same flowing vinyasa practice? Or if you’re needing to deliberately slow down due to healing or recovering this class is for you. All are welcome here.

Rest + Restore

Combining harmonizing yoga (slow flow and yin), meditation & breathing techniques to calm the mind and restore your body.  Finish feeling clear, relaxed and centered. Ahhhhh….