Yoga Classes


Our classes are designed to empower you with the focus, physicalness and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. The classes are available to all levels, ages, physical ability and background. No matter who you are, come just AS YOU ARE… and we will deliver—not just a class— but a whole experience that leaves you feeling physically energized, revitalized and mentally awakened to your full potential, passion and new possibilities in all areas of your life.

Power Flow 

A complete power yoga workout for 60 minutes…move, breathe, lunge, twist, stretch and of course…. relax. Our thoughtful instructors will challenge and inspire you and give you the space to stretch, strengthen, sweat and discover vitality in mind, body and whole being.

Heated to 98 degrees

Power Flow 75

75-minute version of our Flux Power Flow. Those extra 15 minutes give plenty of space to focus on specific alignment and peak poses. You’ll thank yourself for taking the extra time out of your day to really tap in to what’s possible in your practice.

Heated to 98 degrees

Slow Flow

A slowed down Flux sequence with more emphasis on intentional movement. In 60 minutes you will get a full body and mind experience that both warms you up and cools you down. Craving a slow pace, yet the same flowing vinyasa practice? Or if you’re needing to deliberately slow down due to healing or recovering, this class is for you. All are welcome here. 

Heated to 98 degrees


Yin Yoga

During this non-heated class, we hold postures for longer periods of time in a very passive and receptive way. Most postures are also done seated or prone on your mat. Yin Yoga can help to target specific tissues like fascia and connective tissue, increase circulation, and encourage more mobility. Yin yoga can also be practiced in a way that the slower, more gentle approach encourages internal awareness practices like meditation, contemplation, or pranayama (breath practices).



Gentle yoga is great for students who are looking to move in very gentle and mindful ways. You will experience basic and accessible yoga poses in a slow, low-impact way. Time is spent with each pose giving each student their own optimal experience, with lots of options given by the instructor. 

Gentle yoga is a great choice if you are wanting to add yoga to your self-care but think you are not flexible or fit enough to do so. Ideal for those who are newer to yoga; recovering from an injury or child birth; have years of accumulated tension or tightness; anyone craving a tension release; or those who are just beginning their yoga journey. Without a doubt you will be stretching, breathing, and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated when you walk out the door. 


Cosmic Flow

Feel your day melt away as you immerse yourself into the experience of Cosmic Flow…

This exhilarating sweat ‘sesh’ is a feast for all the senses. Paced to the beat of the music to drive the breath and movement. When the sun sets early the lights are low and galactic. When the sun sets late, we enjoy the epic view of a glowing bay.  Whatever time of year, we always keep the music up and the vibes high, encouraging you to tap fully into the power of mind, body and breath in this hot vinyasa flow class. 

Open to all levels, your instructor will both guide you through a sequence and allow you to make it your own… while moving to energizing music and raise your vibration. Class is heated to 98 degrees using state-of-the-art infrared technology heat – creates a healthy sweat, stimulates circulation and helps to increase flexibility. Cosmic Flow will have you feeling cleansed and empowered by the end of class.