Our classes are designed to empower you with the focus, physicalness and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. The classes are available to all levels, ages, physical ability and background. No matter who you are, come just AS YOU ARE… and we will deliver—not just a class— but a whole experience that leaves you feeling physically energized, revitalized and mentally awakened to your full potential, passion and new possibilities in all areas of your life.

FLUX Power Flow 

A complete power yoga workout…move, breathe, lunge, twist, stretch and of course…. relax. We will actually teach you something specific – a pose of the week focus – so you will learn something every single class. Our thoughtful instructors will challenge and inspire you and give you the space to stretch, strengthen, sweat and discover vitality in mind, body and whole being. 

Heated to 98 degrees



45-minute version of our Flux Power Flow. Quick and convenient yet no rush: plenty of time for everything, even a nice, relaxing savasana. We will get you in and out, properly Fluxed and back to your busy life feeling happier, more centered and alive than when you arrived. The instruction will be concise and simple, easy to follow with less talking and more space for you to discover and listen to your body.
Heated to 98 degrees

FLUX Power Flow Plus

A 75-minute version of the Flux Power Flow that you love. Even more time to linger in the poses, hold until you sweat, experience release of tension and tightness and discover a peace of mind and being like never before.

Heated to 98 degrees

Slow Flow

A slowed down Flux sequence with more emphasis on intentional movement. In 60 minutes you will get a full body workout that warms you up and cools you down with enough time to get back to your day feeling at ease. Craving a slow pace, yet the same flowing vinyasa practice? Or if you’re needing to deliberately slow down due to healing or recovering, this class is for you. All are welcome here. 

Heated to 98 degrees

Yin Yoga

During yin yoga, we hold postures for longer periods of time in a very passive and receptive way. Most postures are also done on the floor. This can help to target specific tissues, increase circulation, and encourage more mobility. Sometimes yin yoga is also practiced in a way in which the slower more gentle approach is used to encourage internal awareness practices like meditation, contemplation, or pranayama or breath practices.

Heat is at room temp (70-75 degrees)



Satsanga Flow

Satsanga is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth.” In this 90-minute class we gather together to practice Yoga Posture, and Yogic breath-work to experience the truth of your practice along with a community discussion about Yogic philosophy and practices. Be prepared for a combination of breath-work and Yoga Asana (poses) as well as time for community discussion and/or Meditation that will inspire you to take your yoga practice beyond the mat and into your life.  

Heated to 80 degrees

Align + Flow

Fine-tune your alignment and postures to support your power yoga practice. This 75 minute class places its emphasis on structural alignment and maintaining the balance of synchronized breathing, while still building strength, stability and postural integrity. This series is well-suited to all levels of ability and will surely enhance and refine your practice no matter you experience.  

Heated to 80 degrees

Hearts + Beats Flow

A soulful blend of flow yoga, cardio-intensive dance, primal movements, plyometrics and deep abdominal toning. Intentional and free-form movements tone and strengthen the body, challenging along all planes of movement, while increasing self-confidence and self-love in an uplifting and supportive community. This practice blends cardio bursts and vibration to build strength, endurance, and flexibility in a playful yet challenging format. Expect to sweat to a high-energy playlist and leave feeling rinsed out and re-charged!  

This class is heated to 80 degrees

Vin Yin Yoga

A combination of movement and deep release designed to both invigorate and soothe the nervous system. First half of the class will be a heated, dynamic power vinyasa flow warming the body and then preparing for deep release. During the yin yoga we cool the room down and hold postures for longer periods of time in a very passive and receptive way. Most postures are done on the floor and practiced in a way in which to encourage internal awareness practices like meditation, contemplation, or pranayama or breath practices. Enjoy the best of both yang and yin, active and passive energies in one class

First half of class heated to 98 degrees

Steel Mace Flow

In this dynamic flow yoga class we add a 5-7 pound steel mace by holding and lifting the tool in various poses, building both core and shoulder strength. The mace is an adaptation of the traditional Indian “Gada” used as a fitness tool and weapon. By incorporating the steel mace into a flowing yoga class, blending both power and weighted yoga methods into one mindful practice.You will become acutely present of moving through space in a safe, strong, and efficient way. As the steel mace moves in space, it utilizes the stabilizing muscles in the shoulder and core, so you become stronger quickly. This fusion practice will take your yoga to the next level, and accelerate your development even if you’re new to yoga. All levels are welcome and will be expertly guided by our amazing instructors.

Heated to 98 degrees

New Moon Yoga Nidra

A new moon is a great energetic time to set new intentions. Join us for this once monthly class scheduled around the new moon for a combination of mindful movement and deep guided meditation – Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). This class begins with a short discussion and journaling questions to invoke a personal intention. Followed by a gentle, mindful flow to awaken the physical body and prepare it for relaxation. Yoga Nidra follows the movement and takes place on the back in a comfortable savasana position. This is a deep, guided meditation that invites you to become aware of and ultimately relax the body in individual parts. This relaxes the thinking mind and allows the subconscious mind to open. You will be able to move forward with a clear mind and a deeply relaxed and invigorated physical body. – and bring your favorite notebook – 

Heat is at room temp (70-75 degrees)