Warrior of the Week: Ben Mann

WOW is the one and only Ben Mann. The artist Bellingham knows and love. He has colored and enlivened so many spaces in this community. He has taught and inspired many of Bellingham’s school… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Sarah Edwards

Meet Sarah Edwards, you cannot miss her bright smile and her bright hair! She continues to inspire us by showing up time and time again. They (doctors) said she would never bear… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Kate Smith

How long have you been practicing at Flux Power Yoga? How did you know this was your place? I started at Flux last spring (April 2018). I knew Flux was my yoga… Read More

Meet Nick Clark!

My name is Nick Clark. My wife & I own Baptiste Affiliate Spotted Dog Yoga. We run the largest kids program in the Sacramento Region. We have two blue healer cattle dogs… Read More

Welcome to our Dream Team, Kelly Villareal!

Kelly graduated from our Power Yoga Academy in February 2018 and has been teaching and mentoring with us ever since. She is deeply committed to sharing yoga and to her own growth… Read More

WE ARE ONE! Flux 1 Year Anniversary Party Week

It’s been an amazing transformational year… full of yoga that transforms… 1,300 yoga classes, 7,800 wheels, 52 themes of the week, 2 -28 day challenges, old students and new friends, 1-200 hour… Read More

Jonathan’s on Staff Experience at Baptiste Level 2 in Sedona AZ

Last month I was honored to be part of the apprentice (staff) team for Baptiste Level 2 training in Sedona, AZ. Level 2 training is the second of week long intensive trainings… Read More

We are Open!

We are Open!