Flux Power Yoga 30-Day Bingo Challenge

Starts Aug. 22, ends Oct. 11

You will have 30 (consecutive) days to win as many Bingo spots as you can! Begin anytime starting Aug. 20 and join the Flux Power Yoga team for a fun BINGO challenge that takes you out in the community and the social media world and rewards you for healthy fun lifestyle choices! BINGO Cards are just $10 and includes weekly prizes and a Grand Prize Drawing of 3 MONTHS of Unlimited Yoga! Plus, each card automatically gets you 30% off any Flux Power Yoga branded merchandise.

How to Play:

  1. Buy a BINGO Card: Cards can be purchased at the front desk and will go on the BINGO wall. Cards will be available Aug. 20. and you can join anytime and play for up to 30 days (but not longer). The sooner you join the better!
  2. Start planning your Bingo strategy: You have 30 days to make the most of it!
  3. Earn Stickers
  4. You can earn your first sticker on Aug. 21. Check the Redemption Rules below for details on earning each square. Only one square can be redeemed in one day.
  5. Get BINGO and WIN!
  6. When you get regular BINGO or fill your entire card, you are eligible for PRIZES!

Straight Bingo (5 in a row either vertical, horizontal or diagonal) Complete a line across, down, or diagonal to get regular BINGO! Once a week we will draw BINGO Prize winner

Blackout (every space covered) – Winner will receive 3 MONTHS Unlimited Yoga, a T-shirt, and a Manduka yoga mat ($110 value)

Redemption Rules & Details:

  • Anyone can participate, $10 per card to join, yoga is paid separately.
  • You must be on social media (Facebook, Instagram or both) and post as directed to win prizes. Tag #fluxbingo2019 in every post so we can locate them all in one place
  • Social media posts must be on separate days; the stamp is earned for the day of posting.
  • Contest runs Aug. 21 to Oct. 11, 2019 and 30 consecutive days from your start date to complete the challenge. After 30 days participation, your card will be closed and new stickers and/or posts will not be counted.
  • Tag #_____________ specific hashtag for each box
  • Your official BINGO card must live at the studio and you must verify your square with the front desk (once verified, they will hand you a sticker to mark your square).
  • Classes must be taken at Flux Power Yoga to count toward the Bingo card
  • Everyone who completes the card will be entered into a drawing.
  • All cards will be reviewed on Oct. 12
  • One max square earned per activity (one post cannot count for 2 different squares)
  • You must mark the date of completion on each square.
  • If you have any questions about the rules or eligibility you can email the studio at


  1. #iamglowing – Post a selfie on social media after a class, sweaty and proud. Tag #iamglowing and #fluxbingo2019
  2. #iamwelcoming –  Bring a friend who has never been to Flux before, take a selfie and tag them. Tag #iamwelcoming and #fluxbingo2019
  3. #iambold –  Take 2 classes in one day Tag #iambold and #fluxbingo2019
  4. #iamconnected –  take a selfie with a teacher, tag them post on social media. Tag #iamconnected and #fluxbingo2019
  5. #iamsupernatural – take a pic of yourself in a yoga pose out in nature, post on SM. Tag #iamsupernatural and #fluxbingo2019
  6. #iamgenerous – donate an old mat to our kids after school yoga program. Tag #iamgenerous and #fluxbingo2019
  7. #iamcourageous – commit to doing every pose, the entire class to your fullest potential. Tag #iamcourageous and #fluxbingo2019
  8. #iamsharing – Write us a Facebook review
  9. #iamexpansive – Write us a Google review
  10. #iamvivid – Write us a Yelp review
  11. #iamcalm – meditate for 14 days straight
  12. #iamfriendly – make a new friend in class and take a selfie together and post. Tag #iamfriendly  and #fluxbingo2019
  13. #iamdevoted – attend 20 classes within 30 days. Tag #iamdevoted and #fluxbingo2019
  14. #iamcommitted – attend 15 classes within 30 days. Tag #iamcommitted and #fluxbingo2019
  15. #iamdedicated – attend 10 classes within 30 days. Tag #iamdedicated and #fluxbingo2019
  16. #iaminspired – share your favorite quote heard in class this week and tag the teacher. Tag #iaminspired and #fluxbingo2019
  17. #iamglorious – post a pic of yourself in your favorite pose and tag. Tag #iamglorious and #fluxbingo2019
  18. #iamexpansive –  attend at least 4 Melt classes this month
  19. #iamnextlevel –  attend at least 1 Power Shred class
  20. #iamawake –  attend at least 4 – 6:15 am classes 
  21. #iamconsistent – attend 5 classes in one week. Tag #iamconsistent and #fluxbingo2019
  22. #iamtransforming – register for 40 Days to Personal Revolution
  23. #iamhumble – ask a teacher to give you a personal alignment tip after class and post your new tip. Tag #iamhumble and #fluxbingo2019
  24. #iamenthusiastic – Check-in at Flux 3 times on Facebook. Tag #iamenthusiastic and #fluxbingo2019#iamenthusiastic and #fluxbingo2019
  25. #iamcommunity – Follow us on Facebook and Instagram