Month: May 2019

Welcome to our Dream Team, Morgan Herkert!

Hola, bonjour, what’s up, I’m Morgan and I am THRILLED to be joining the Flux team.  I recently completed my teacher training and mentorship program through Flux Power Yoga Academy and I can… Read More

Warrior of the Week: April Sorensen

April has been with us at Flux since before the beginning. Thank you for following me here and supporting the crowdfunding campaign that help to open our doors! Forever grateful and you… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Cami Grichel

Cami Grichel has been with us since the opening of Flux 2 years ago. She is a bright and shining leader in the Fairhaven business community, the owner and curator at Whimsey… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Michael Sieczka

You will notice Mike, he’s a tall guy with a calm presence and always has a positive attitude and a smile. You’ll often see him practicing with his teenage daughter, the sweetest… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Wendy Keneipp

Wendy’s spirit contributes to every class! Always so approachable, authentic and friendly, Wendy is someone that you want to know. She is dedicated to her practice and embraces those who practice next… Read More