Month: March 2019

Warrior of the Week: Chris Robinson

You might catch him riding his bike or running around town, but you’ll for sure see him most mornings at the 9:30am Flux 55 class! This week’s #warrioroftheweek is full of awesome… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Rebecca Borella

You cannot miss her inviting friendliness and bright red hair. Rebecca Borella! She cares deeply about her family and has a strong ambition to bring yoga to our special kids and adults…. Read More

Warrior of the Week: Jason Keene

If you’ve been to a 6:15 am Class you cannot miss Jason Keene our Warrior of the Week. Jason stands out as consistent, focused and powerful in his practice. He has the… Read More

Warrior of the Week: Dorcas Nung-Blake

Meet Dorcas Nung-Blake, Flux’s Warrior of the week!  Whether in studio, working in private practice, or at home baking amazing breads, it’s hard to miss her beautiful smile and calming energy!   … Read More